Rohit Kumar


I recently shifted from my home town to Delhi – the country's capital. When I was in my town, I missed Delhi. When I am in Delhi now, I miss my home town.

You ask why?

Why I wanted to move to Delhi is a story for another day. But I will tell you why I desire to move back to my small and still home town.

Cities and towns have souls of their own. You don’t just live in them; you live with them. If you like their company, things will align themselves to make you successful and happy. But if you don’t like the company, you will keep bumping into the wrong things.

Once I liked Delhi’s company. But I am not enjoying it anymore because

I agreed with Naval Ravikant when he said, “Choosing what city to live in can almost completely determine the trajectory of your life, but we spend so little time trying to figure out what city to live in.”

Many people think of moving to a big, more vibrant city when they read Naval's quote. But I think of moving to a small town. A town that is closer to nature. A town where I can get closer to myself than to other people.