Rohit Kumar

All Things Radical

I like to watch videos on the Internet. Cute videos. Informational videos. Bizzare videos.

A few minutes is okay. But up until a week ago, I was spending 3-4 hours a day watching these videos. I realized it has become a habit so I wanted to break it.

I wished I wake up the next morning and act like I never had such an addiction. I wanted a quick, radical change.

But here's the funny thing: I didn't do a single thing differently to get different results.

I just wished; I didn't act.

Last week I moved from my hometown Mandi Dabwali to Delhi. There, I had fast and unlimited internet. Here, I am barely able to email a 9Kb Doc file.

I was frustrated by the internet. Ugh, why did I even move?

But then it suddenly hit me: I haven't seen a single video for the past week!

Why? My input has changed radically. My internet turned from a stinging bee to a sleeping sloth. As a result, there is also a radical change in my output. I broke a bad habit in a week!

It sounds obvious, but we still forget: Things won't change until you change the effort you put in.

Do radical moves to get radical results.