Rohit Kumar

Grow it like a tree

We live in an industrial society.

As a result, we have ditched agricultural vocabulary to adopt an industrial one.

We build relationships, we don’t grow them. We construct narratives, we don’t cultivate them.

The startup culture is filled with phrases that should be de-industrialized. Like:

'I want to build a business. Everyone wants to build a business'.

Now, think about the word ‘build’ for a minute. It gives you a sense that you are doing it with your bare hands and everything is under your control. You put a brick on a brick on a brick and a wall is ready. You build four walls at 90 degrees to each other and a room/business is ready. Everything is done with precision.

But businesses do not get built like that. The process is more fluid than building a wall. Unlike a homogenous mixture of bricks and concrete, it includes many unknown factors that will remain out of your hands.

Now let’s replace the word 'build' with 'grow'.

'I want to grow a business. Everyone wants to grow a business'.

The business idea is the seed. You put the seed into the ground, water it, and wait for fruits. You start working on the business idea, put effort into it, and wait for profits.

The seed might grow into a fruit-bearing tree someday. Or it might not.

The idea might grow into a profitable business someday. Or it might not.

Do your part and keep patience.