Rohit Kumar

I failed


The Internet feels like a pool of successful people. Enter any digital room and you’ll see people sharing their success stories.

A few also share stories of failures. But those failures are accompanied by learnings. And when you learn from your failure, it feels like a success, not a failure.

But that’s not how things happen in real life. First, we fail more times than we succeed. And second, we often learn nothing from failures. Life moves at a fast pace and we don’t bother to reflect on failures.


In the past, I’ve shared success stories and learnings. In the future, I’ll do the same. But today is the day of redemption. I want to share some professional failures.

So far, I’ve learned nothing from these failures.


What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger, said Friedrich Nietzsche.

And the world nodded.

But the reality is a little greyer than that.

What doesn’t kill either makes us stronger or leaves us injured. We see strong people strolling in the streets. But we fail to see injured people sitting in their homes.

The internet is supposed to be a mirror of the real world. Indeed, it is a mirror but it reflects only distorted images. I promise to make my space on the internet to be more reality-like by sharing failures.