Rohit Kumar

Life is complicated, cooking doesn’t have to be

Tadas Viskanta did it again. He found an interesting approach to a worn-out topic.

In his blog 'Life is complicated, working out doesn’t have to be', Tadas points out how a simple home workout can benefit you equal to a fancy gym workout. And how the same is true about investing. If you read it, you will end up agreeing with him.

Here's the most interesting part of his post: Replace 'working out' with almost any skill you want to acquire, with any habit you want to build, and it still makes sense.

A year back I thought of learning cooking from first principles. What changes in a potato when we fry it? When we boil it? Or when we roast it? What if I understand the basic chemistry and physics behind cooking? I would be a master chef!

I bought a cooking science book and started reading it. After reading three chapters, I moved the book to the bookshelf.

A month later I picked up the book again. This time, I didn't even reach the third chapter.

The third time it happened, I dropped the idea of cooking. It's too tough for me — I thought.

I am cooking almost daily for the last 40-45 days. Usually, I make dinner. When the sun sets down, I go to the kitchen and see what ingredients I have. I open Youtube and watch some recipe videos. No book. No science. Just some beginner-friendly recipe videos.

I intend to learn cooking from the first principles. Maybe next year. But for now, I just want to enjoy the taste of cooked garlic and the aroma of masala tea.

Rohit Kumar

Today, I made Halwai-style potato curry. My roommate said it's delicious.

I guess I understand Tadas Viskanta now. Life is complicated, working out doesn’t have to be. Life is complicated, nothing else has to be.