Rohit Kumar

No one cares

The transition from childhood to adult life is hard.

Our parents give us attention all our adolescent years. But as soon as we cross an age limit and step into the outside world, a brick of reality hits our heads.

It's written on the brick in big-bold letters, "NO ONE CARES."

No one cares who you are, what you know, and what you have created. People are busy in their own lives. They are lost in their own world.

You've released the world's dopest music album? No one cares.

You've spent two years writing a novel? No one cares.

You've made a fantastic app that solves a big problem? No one...

That's exactly where marketing comes in.

Marketing is the humble act of accepting that people out there are not your mother or father. They won't give you attention. It is your duty to market your product. It is your duty to make people care.