Rohit Kumar

When confused say Aha

There is no recipe for art. Nor a formula.

So, it is natural to get stuck on a blank canvas when creating art. You have experienced what I am talking about while making a new website, building a new product, or designing your room interior.

Yes, there is no recipe. But there is a sure-shot ingredient. You can use this ingredient when you get stuck. It’s called Aha.

Aha is a thing that is guaranteed to give you pleasure. And it changes from person to person, audience to audience.

For example, when I was planning to create my blog, I didn’t know where to start with. It was a perfect moment to use the Aha ingredient.

My target audience for the blog is active readers, not passive scrollers. I decided to give my audience the best Aha — readability. I don’t use sidebars; will never use sidebars. I don’t use ads; will never use ads.

Aha is not the whole recipe, but it’s a great start.