Rohit Kumar

Rohit who?

I am Rohit Kumar. A 26 years old guy, born and brought up in a small town in North India. These days I live in New Delhi and earn my share of food by writing for people.

I Read

I read a lot. I read books and blogs, Youtube comments and product guides, 50-year-old sales pages and billboards. I read everything.

Why I read?

I read to inform myself. I read to travel to places I can't travel and live lives I can not live.

I enjoy the sounds of words in my head while I read. I find the different shapes of letters beautiful. And I amaze at how strings of words can make complex meanings.

I Write

I write both personal and professional pieces. What you are reading right now is a personal one.

My goal with this blog is to explore my interests publicly. Though the write-ups are personal, I intend to keep you — the reader — always in my mind.

I Love

I love reading, writing, talking to friends, long drives, playing nine-ball pool, going down internet rabbit holes, sitting alone for hours, walking while listening to podcasts, and drinking tea.

And I love to love.

I Work

I wrote news for media startups for a few years. Now I write for small to mid-sized businesses. But I am planning to move to creative writing.

I Live

I live in New Delhi. Sometimes I find myself drinking tea in Mandi Dabwali — a small town in North India. But I am an internet native at heart. Or what some might call a citizen of the internet.

The term sounds cliche to many but it’s the living reality of my everyday life. I found the first love of my life on the internet. I’ve found many good friends on the Internet. I read, write, work, and lurk on the internet.

It’s hard to live and belong in a matrix of 0s and 1s. But it’s even harder to live and belong in a real-world limited by the norms of society and the laws of physics.

I Talk

Got any questions or just want to say hi? Feel free to mail me at hello(at)